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Thread: sd-adaptor for teensy 3.*

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    sd-adaptor for teensy 3.*


    Is it possible to avoid the 74LCX125 to make a more simple sd-adapter for the teensy 3.*?


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    Has already been answered LINK

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    As Headroom pointed out, the Teensy 3 already operates at 3.3V voltage levels, so it needs no voltage translation like 5V-based MCUs. In the link provided, Paul also pointed out that the voltage regulator inside the Teensy 3 can handle the power requirements of a SD card without issues. So, enjoy hooking up that SD card.

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    Thanks!!!, in the link don't specify if the 10k resistor is needed, and the final question is... is the pullup 10k resistor (in the MISO pin) needed for some reason???

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    The SD library will work without the pullup resistor.

    A new SD+Wiz820 adaptor is now available for Teensy 3. It connects the 4 signals directly, since Teensy 3 is 3.3 volt signals.

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    Yeah, I would love to know as well


    Oh, lovely, thanks!

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