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Thread: Any hope for my probably fried Teensy 3.0's?

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    Any hope for my probably fried Teensy 3.0's?

    Hey guys,

    So I am currently in the process of putting together a large Octows2811 based project and I have hit a hiccup. I probably fried one of my teensy 3.0s. I am posting this as to make sure I am not missing a simple fix.

    My setup consists of a 300W 5V power supply hooked up to 8 lines of ws2811 LED strips (120 LEDs per line). Connected to this I have a small driver board that sends out the signals to the LED strips. The driver board is powered by the 5V supply. The diver board consists of a teensy 3.0 running the Octows2811 code, hooked up to a 74HCT245 buffer chip and resistors that lead to the LED strips. A pretty basic setup.

    However, yesterday when I started up the display I saw a small spark. The spark was nearby where the power line hooks up to the driver board. I then noticed that the teensy was darn hot. After quickly unplugging the display and checking my connections I found some loose wires. However none of them seemed to be touching anything they were not supposed to. I swapped the maybe fried teensy with another and it worked fine. Then tonight I tried applying just the power and ground connections from a 5v wall wart I have to the suspected teensy and again it got darn hot. I am pretty sure this chip is fried but I want to be sure.

    If I shorted across the chip is there any fix or is it a goner? Also is there enough of a voltage due to the start up of the power supply to jump a few millimeters? I really don't want this to be a reoccurring thing.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I feel your pain. I just let the magic smoke out of one of mine. I did not see a very tiny bit of copper wire (snipped off after soldering into the PCB) between two of the soldered pins of the Teensy ... I heard a sizzle and smelt the magic smoke and that was that. I am now going to order some female sockets so that I can replace the Teensy if I need to without desoldering. (I also managed to knock the micro-usb socket off of another one, but I expect to be able to fix that one eventually.

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    Ouch. Can't help with the magic smoke, but here's an old post about how to solder a USB cable to the bottom side. Hopefully that'll help you get the other one working again.

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