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Thread: Audio board

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    Audio board

    I haven't gotten my audio board yet, so this is based on the pictures. Mostly it just random musings.

    On other projects with neopixels, I have been thinking to cut the trace between VIN and VUSB, and I was planning on soldering in a pin so that I could easily hook VIN/VUSB back up without re-soldering the trace. I was thinking about using a Pololu 2x2 crimp connector ( to attach to VIN, AGND, VUSB, and leaving the 4th spot blank. Or alternatively to get access to A10, A11, AREF as well as VUSB, I would use a 1x5 crimp connector (, and not populating the pin between AREF and VUSB.

    However, in looking at the audio breakout board (, it looks like there is no support for the 4 inner pins (A10, A11, AREF, VUSB) in the breakout board. While there are other ways to wire Teensy up (using wires underneath the Teensy, don't use crimp connectors on the top and just use wires, or put the audio board underneath the Teensy instead of on top), it would have been nice to have the access in the breakout board.

    For my uses, it would have been even nicer if VUSB and AGND were swapped (then you could use a standard 0.2" jumper), but that is water under the bridge, and the choice has been made.

    Also, I notice you are selling a 14x1 socket in the store. It might be useful to some to sell a stacking version of the socket that has longer pins (so that you could put the socket on the Teensy and put it in a breadboard, and then attach the audio board as desired using either stacking 14x1 socket or 14x1 pins). You can get the same effect with Arduino stacking header kits that have 2 6x1 and 2 8x1 headers, and place the 6-pin and 8-pin headers next to each other on each side.

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    Here is a neat but pricey cable to plug into the line in/line out header on the audio board

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