Hi there.
I am an design student from berlin, germany and want to build a setup to drive several actuators with a Teensy 3.1 board at it's heart.
Now i am trying to gain some information how many actuators [servos, dc motors(on/off, on/off + speed), stepper motors and solenoids] at once are possible.

As i have read there are 34 Pins with Digital I/O right?

12 of them are PWM output enabled?
21 are analog input pins?
01 of them is an analog output pin?

So i have a total of 13 outputs?
Or is there a way to have more outputs besides using a setup including a shift register or multiplexer?
Cause the pinout diagram shows 33 digital pins.


Can i use these digital pins to switch solenoids or dc motors with an transistor using digitalWrite HIGH and LOW?
And use the 12 PWM pins only for servos and for example LEDs?

1. - 24 Solenoids + 08 Servos
2. - 32 Solenoids
3. - 12 Servos
4. ...

What is the best way to work with stepper motors and optional speed controlled dc motors (saving pins)?

I thought using the easydriver or big easy driver could be a good way to go?
Which always needs two PWM pins per stepper right?

This one: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/l29...ver-p-284.html
Looks also promising cause it gives the possibility to exchange 1 stepper motor for 2 speed controlled dc motors right?

Thanks for your time & input!

Best regards, Johannes