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Thread: Teensy 3.1 & Glediator LED-Wall Sketch

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    Teensy 3.1 & Glediator LED-Wall Sketch

    First of all sorry, but I'm a somewhat newbie to Teensy and unfortunately I don't know much about programming it either.
    I built myself a pretty large LED Display in our living room (sunk invisibly into the wall). Here is a video of it:
    It consists of 1056 (22x48) WS2801 LEDs.
    I'm running it with Glediator ( through an Arduino Mega but I'm not satisfied with the frame rates. With fast moving images it becomes very jiggly and the frame rate drops to about 3-5FPS. (See: and

    So I bought a Teensy3.1 in hopes that it will be faster but I just can't get it to run with the Arduino Mega sketch.
    (This is the original sketch for the Arduino Mega:

    That's when I stumbled about that Sketch:
    Supposedly this was working with Teensy3.0 und Glediator but when I contacted the author I was told that he never really got it to work properly, even von Tensy 3.0 and never finished the project.

    So I just gave it a try and uploaded it to the teensy3.1 and was buffed: it's incredibly fast/smooth BUT unfortunately it has some problems too. The last 150 or LEDs in my string are just blinking uncontrollable and here and there some LEDs are flashing all over the place. I contacted the author and he told me that he never really got it to work properly, even von Tensy 3.0 and never finished the project.
    Does anybody have any clue how I could get this to run properply on Teensy3.1?

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks alot,

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    ... ok, so I'm not helping you out with your coding issues ...

    but, I watched the video you made - do you have any pictures / writeup on how you built the wall, and what it looks like when it's powered off? It looks really well done.


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    You'll get some more help if you post the sketch using the "go advanced" option and # for code brackets. I for example am responding from an IPad and without the code I cannot see if the sketch uses the
    OCTOWs library.
    If it does, there are several users that have been able to get projects working with a very large number of LEDs.

    Some ( well...I remember at least one) have posted very precise guidelines on what to avoid. The link I provided to the OCTOWs library ( highlighted in blue) also provides excellent guidelines on what may be the problem. In general at higher frame rates it's not necessarily the software but electrical/ signal problems play a larger role. If you search the forum for the library name you'll get a lot of posts with good advice.

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    If you are worry about the LED-Wall Sketch then it is not a big issue because there are many easy ways through you can easily remove that scratches.

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