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Thread: FTM1 Reassignment for Teensy 3.1

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    FTM1 Reassignment for Teensy 3.1

    I want to use the FTM1 timer module on my Teensy 3.1.

    It looks like it is being initialized by the function _init_Teensyduino_internal_(void) in pins_teensy.c

    It appears this initialization is only needed if I do AnalogWrite to pins 3,4 or 25.

    If I do not do AnalogWrite to these pins, will there be any issue if I use FTM1? Will I cause any problems if I remove the initialization code in _init_Teensyduino_internal_(void)?

    Actually, I am not doing AnalogWrite at all if that makes any difference.



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    It should be fine to use FTM1.

    You can probably remove the initialization code if you really want. But it shouldn't cause any harm, since it doesn't cause any output to occur. You can just change the configuration to any settings you need, regardless of what the init code did.

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