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Thread: Teensyduino fork, need testers [Teensy 3.x]

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    Teensyduino fork, need testers [Teensy 3.x]

    The fork of the Teensyduino core HERE needs testing.

    Fixes so far, that anyone with a Teensy 3.x can test.

    Fixes while(!Serial); not waiting on the teensy 3.0/3.1
    Fixes a type pun in usb_midi.c
    Fixed uint8_t -> uint16_t for the control status in usb_serial. A uint8_t is too small to hold the information.

    Speed up compile.

    Advanced features:

    Ability to completely disable the USB code. Handy if you don't need to use the USB interface.
    Ability to easily reconfigure the provided device types. You can mix and match more than what is normally available.
    Ability to easily add new device types.

    The advance features require that you know what you are doing, and are comfortable with using the command line.
    You will need to download an additional tool and install it in your sketch directory.
    The download is here and allows you to compile sketches from the command line and tweak all sorts of settings.
    The advanced stuff has been tested to work on Linux, and should work on Mac. Windows will work after I figure out how to make it happy with Cygwin

    More details on the advanced stuff soon... Like, some good examples.
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