I've been crawling around this site and doing Google searches to ramp up on Teensy 3.1. I've benefited from the community support and PJRC through web posts.
I've frequently comeback to the PJRC.com site with the need to get answers to questions but have had problem finding a good starting point. The Forums are a great resource
to ask questions but not a good source for documentation. As a new teensy user, I'd like to ask a few favors:

o Please provide a link off the main www.pjrc.com home page that will navigate users to your support pages and (possibly) organize information along products. Call me forgetful or dumb but I've had to peck around each time I've tried to get back to some information on Teensy 3.1 that I previously found and there are pages I can't find again after. I've seen a lot of important and useful information on this site. I just can't find it...again.

o I have not spent a lot time working with Arduino platforms and I'm sure there are some conventions I haven't caught on to yet, but other than opening and reading all of the teensyduino source code files, are there any reference pages for Teensy 3.1 (I'm sure 3.0 will do) specific libraries?

o I've figured out that navigating to the Teensy 3.1 product page and then finding the "Teensy USB Development Board" link, I will find some of the technical detail for teensy, but much of it only applies to 2.0 and earlier. Please update all relavent pages to Teensy 3.1.

o I need to learn all that I can about Teensy 3.1 ADC, for example. Is there a single place (or starting place) where I can find all that is necessary to know to use ADC effectively? For example, there are many suggestions on the forums about placing capacitors between AGND, AREF, GND, etc. After reading a few conflicting post I'm left a little confused on certain issues. Unfortunately the 1200+ page K20 reference does not have all the answers, especially from a software perspective.

I trust that you will get it when you get to it. I'm just offering a friendly reminder and request.

I do appreciate all that has been done. Thanks!!!