I am trying to figure out a way to sample specific pixels within a Processing sketch and have them display on corresponding LEDs in an array controlled by Teensy3.1

Looking through the movie2serial sketch, it seems to actually scrapes the entire pixel array within the sketch (or whatever percentage, depending on the # of boards used), format them for RGB and serialize it. But, that's all of the pixels (many more on-screen than the number of LEDs in resolution). Then, onboard the Teensy, with VideoDisplay running, it receives all the pixels from the array.

So, is the sampling/region-averaging(?) of the pixels to determine what color the LED will be happening behind the scenes? Is that in the C portion of the library?

How could I implement that within a processing sketch, to sample a specific x,y pixel and send it onward to the Teensy and display that color on a specific LED?

This is working toward handling very oddly shapen LED arrays, some non-continuous, while still taking advantage of the performance gains allowed by using 8 parallel Teensy outputs instead of trying to drive a single super-long LED strip.

Thank you.