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Thread: TeensyDuino 1.18RC

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    TeensyDuino 1.18RC

    It doesn't offer 72 MHz as, a speed option for Teensy 3.1.


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    Correct. Lots of things which depend on the clock frequency being 96/48 would stop working if it was set to 72. Since the 48MHz part reliably clocks to 96, the 72MHz part does too (but I believe there are some improvements, memory access speed? I read it a while ago and can't find it now).

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    Nantonos is right, there are currently a lot of places in that have code like this:

    #if F_CPU == 96000000
      #define TX_TIMEOUT (TX_TIMEOUT_MSEC * 596)
    #elif F_CPU == 48000000
      #define TX_TIMEOUT (TX_TIMEOUT_MSEC * 428)
    #elif F_CPU == 24000000
      #define TX_TIMEOUT (TX_TIMEOUT_MSEC * 262)
    When 72 MHz is supported, a LOT of things won't work until they're also updated. It's a big job, and honestly it's been a much lower priority than getting the audio library published.

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