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Thread: easyT6963 Library

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    easyT6963 Library

    I've got some large 240x128 LCD graphic displays using T6963 controller, I was disappointed that can't find a decent library to drive it! U8glib it's very raw, does not use any of the special features of this chip and no Teensy3, or DUE support, just turn on and drive pixels in slowest mode. Other libraries around are old or not working but there's a guy called Radosław Kwiecień that spent a lot of time on this weird controller and revealed some useful informations that helped a lot. Since controller needs from 14 to 16 pin for drive it I build up a library that works with a fast GPIO expander (Microchip MCP23s17) that uses 4 wires, all can be shared with other 8 chip (included CS, thanks to HAEN feature) and support some of the best features of T6963 like the ability to mix graphic and text but in different pages. This particular ability let you design a nice graphic environment and apply text (with OR,AND,XOR, etc.) but you can fast update text without have to touch the graphics.
    Since uses just 4 wires, it can be used with almost any MCU, tested with Teensy3 and Mega2560.
    I have done enough optimizations and now it's resonable fast, even more than other LCD controllers, there's a link of a video on github, as I told, it works just with 4 pins.

    I noticed that ebay offers those LCD for cheap (old stock), probably because almost all needs -5 to -15 (depends of model) for contrast so you will need to wire up a simple steup negative converter, I was luky that mine has excellent luminosity and it's an high voltage backlight drived, really high quality, not the 12 buks chinese crappy ones. I got 4 for 14 Euro each from an old stock in germany.
    Hope that someone find it useful...
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