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Thread: Mouse scrolling in Linux Debian Wheezy

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    Mouse scrolling in Linux Debian Wheezy

    Hello everyone!

    I'm working on creating a keyboard and mouse passthrough on the teensy, however I seem to be getting stuck when it comes to mouse scrolling. I can get it to move in the x and y directiions as expected, but when it comes to the Mouse.scroll, whatever I have under my mouse doesn't scroll.

    I have attached my mostly complete code (note I am using a USB host 2.0). The USB Host 2.0 side is working just as expected, but when I try to pass a scroll value, I don't see any scrolling action (I even tried passing a -1 to Mouse.scroll, with no effect :/ )

    Has anyone else successfully got scrolling working, or is there a driver that I need to update to in Linux?
    Thanks for reading,
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