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Thread: Quick Piece of Code Advice - Toggling keyboard commands

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    Quick Piece of Code Advice - Toggling keyboard commands

    Hello there!

    I'm just finishing up a code for a piece of hardware I'm currently building and I've come across a situation I'd like to be able to implement, and I imagine it's a fairly simple piece of code away for working!

    Essentially, I've got a push button which when pressed outputs a "[" keypress using keyboard.Write.

    What I would like is for the button to toggle between outputting first a "[" then a "]".

    The idea is this button is to Pause a piece of software, and then to use the same button to resume.

    Is this at all possible? And what would the code I'm missing look like?


    -Rory Maguire

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    if you had included your code snippet for detecting the button press and sending the '[' character I could have modified it to show you using the specific stuff you are using but...
    volatile uint8_t toggler=1;
    setup() { // do your set up bits }
    loop() {
      if(button_detected) {
        if(toggler) send("]"); else send("[");
    Is one way it can be done.

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