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Thread: New Wiznet 550io module and 5500 chip

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    New Wiznet 550io module and 5500 chip

    I see that Wiznet has a new Etherenet IP stack off-load product: Wiznet 550io module.

    Quick read:
    • Comes with factory assigned MAC address (Finally!! yea!)
    • Much larger than the 820 module; bad.
    • Slightly lower cost than the 820 module.
    • Uses 5500 chip. Seems about the same as the 5200 chip, e.g., 8 sockets each with TX, RX buffers
    • SPI only; no parallel interface like the 5100 chip (good riddance parallel).
    • 3.3V power, 128mA at 100BT, 75mA at 10BT
    • 5V tolerant inputs; 3.3V outputs

    Haven't found a spec sheet on the 550io module. (!!) Above is from the 550 chip spec. The module has other components that do something unknown.

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    Saw that Circuit Cellar just started (today) their Wiznet design challenge with that part. They are sending samples out if anyone has a project in mind:

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