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Thread: Request for carrier board

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtE View Post
    Hi wwwoholic,

    Speaking as someone who spent quite a few years working with the Lynxmotion Bot Board 2 (by Jim Frye) with the Basic Atom Pro by Basic Micro and/or the Arc32 board, I know what you mean.

    Although personally, I believe having a few of those other features like an LED or two, maybe a button and maybe a buzzer do come in handy as in most of my experiments/projects I want some form of user feedback.

    So over the last several years, I have made several different Teensy boards (again mostly for my own education and the fun of it.) Also for me personally these days I seldom do much with RC servos, but do use Robotis Dynamixel servos, so I now typically include a setup to run them.

    What I have found is for me, there is no one design that fits for everyone (even myself from day to day). My first boards had XBee connectors on them as at the time, I was doing a lot of stuff with XBees (Back to Lynxmotion days with Remote control with XBee...), then others suggested making a version with Arduino shield connectors on it, which I have now done a few versions of. I then did a simpler version somewhat geared around the Teensy LC, and the most recent is one that I am playing with to emulate an Trossen Robotics Arbotix PRo controller (clone of Robotis ...730),

    Which board works best? Again depends on what you need... Also with many of these boards, since I have to populate them myself, If I don't need a feature, I don't populate it on the board...

    The three boards, that I still play around with and at times make fixes for include:

    Simple Teensy LC (Works good on 3.2 as well)
    Attachment 6472

    The last one I did with the Arduino headers was a through hole version, to make it easier for those of us who are all thumbs to solder. If I were going to make some of these I would make changes, like move the Reset jumper like I did on some others so it aligns with 3.2 and use Pongo(sp) pin... Also probably update AX Buss handling depending on how experiments with the other two boards...
    Attachment 6473

    Current board I am playing with, is the one to emulate Arbotix Pro (Currently waiting for a batch from OSHPark), the empty looking area is setup to plug in an Adafruit BSO055 IMU:
    Attachment 6474

    Note: I am showing these different versions of my own play time, not because they are great, but to say that there are sure lots of ways one could go with these. But if PJRC had a version that worked like the old BB2, I sure would have been having a lot of fun playing with them!


    P.S - Actually there is a 4th Teensy board, I have recently been having fun with as well. But is is specific to playing with Adafruit Neopixels and are setup to Plug into a Bioloid servo chain (Pardon the pro trinket at the bottom of the picture):
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    Hi Kurt,

    is there somewhere i can find more about your boards - do you sell them anywhere ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadget999 View Post
    Hi Kurt,

    is there somewhere i can find more about your boards - do you sell them anywhere ?
    Nope, I only make the boards for own fun... However I do typically put files up on github, like in the project:
    Most of them have diptrace design files up there are well as a zip file that one can send to places like OSHPark, to have a board fabricated... But then you need to get all of parts and assemble...

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    Thanks for the advice, I will look into getting my own boards manufactured

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadget999 View Post
    Thanks for the advice, I will look into getting my own boards manufactured
    I have received different boards from the supplier MichaelMeissner mentioned earlier on this thread ( I can confirm they have superb quality and usability. Those break-away power bars and socket kit were exactly what I needed for applications with multiple sensors and servos. The same boards without power bars and with Teensy pins soldered directly into the board are quite compact.

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