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Thread: Best (free) online tutorial series to learn Arduino and electronics

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    Best (free) online tutorial series to learn Arduino and electronics

    I know this is a somewhat subjective question but I am looking for the best all around tutorial series on arduino. Ideally this would cover basic electronics (what is ground, what is a circuit etc.) and also explain things like i2c, (which I still don't understand), clock rate, baud rate etc.

    I know adafruit's are good, but it doesn't seem to be as much of a full course as I hoped. I just came across tronixstuff's and they seem fine although maybe not the most user friendly in design. I just want to know because I am going to buy all the accompanying sensors and I want to be sure I head down the right path.

    I am wondering if an Arduino expert could recommend a curriculum so that I could learn the fundamentals of Arduino and electronics, rather than just do small projects. Thanks for your help

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    for a beginner, the series of articles in Nuts 'n Volts magazine is good.

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