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Thread: [ TEENSY3.1, using the 2 ADCs in single ended 16 bits mode ]

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    [ TEENSY3.1, using the 2 ADCs in single ended 16 bits mode ]


    I am designing a TEENSY3.x carrier board for a project which
    measures 2 voltages. I saw that the TEENSY3.1 has 2 independent
    ADCs, and I will use them both so that measured voltages are sort
    of synchronized.

    I also want the carrier board to support TEENSY3.0, using ADC0
    channels multiplexing.

    I ended up using A1 and A2 (ADC0_SE14 and ADC{0,1}_SE8).
    Can anyone confirm there is no limitation in doing so ? Can I use
    both ADCs channels with a single ended 16 bits resolution ?

    I was sure that only SOME channels could be used in 16 bits mode,
    but I can not find a trace of such a limitation in the documentation ...
    I must have dreamed, but prefer to ask before sending the PCB :/

    Thanks for helping,


    I have found every information I need from this post:
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