Hi, I am new to this forum, coming from Arduino/MAXMSP/sound. Learning C++, but still using Arduino for many projects. I am very impressed by the work on the Teensy project, thank you so much for this!

I have problems getting the Teensy 3.0 boards recognized by the OS. It doesn't show up in /dev as a tty.* and not in Arduino either. The same problems with all three boards, so it must be something I am not doing right.
I have tried to communicate using Xcode and EmbedXcode+, without luck.
When compiling the Arduino sketch or a Xcode project, a process called teensy_post_compile starts up and gets stuck at 90-95% CPU usage.
I have to kill the teensy_post_compile process (after waiting 15 min...) just to be able to close Xcode. Arduino IDE doesn't crash, but is stuck at 90% compiling.

I have a clean install of Arduino 1.0.5 and the latest Teensyduino. All other Arduino boards work fine, as well as my barebones and Attinies.
My system is OSX 10.9.2 and the machine is a MacBook Pro 2.66 Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 GB RAM.

Running the Teensy Loader works, that is, it recognises the boards.
This is the verbose output from Teensy Loader:
15:47:48: Teensy Loader 1.18, begin program
15:47:48: File "Blink.hex". 1414 bytes, 1% used
15:47:48: Listening for remote control on port 3149
15:47:48: initialized, showing main window
15:47:48: HID/macos: attach callback
15:47:48: HID/macos: number of devices found = 1
15:47:48: HID/macos: vid=16C0, pid=0478, page=FF9C, usage=001D, ver=1.02
15:47:48: Device came online, code_size = 131072
15:47:48: Board is: Teensy 3.0 (MK20DX128), version 1.02
15:47:48: File "Blink.hex". 1414 bytes, 1% used
15:47:48: HID/macos: status: ok
15:47:54: Verbose Info event

Thanks for any advice on this!

Best regards,

Jørgen Larsson