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Thread: Bootloader for firmware update at customer site

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    Bootloader for firmware update at customer site

    I have chosen teensy 3.1 for my running customer project.
    What I would like to integrate into the device is the possibility for a firmware update done by the customer on site.

    I would send a new binary per email. I can see three possibilities for te upload:

    1. The customer connects the teensy with a USB cable to his PC. The PC sees a mass storage device and the new binary is copied to it. Reboot & ready. (See mbed)
    2. The customer puts the new binary on a USB-Stick and connects it to the teensy. The teensy drwas the new firmware. (bootloader using USB-Host-IF)
    3. The customer uses the teensy loader which is possible but many customers will reject running SW on their PCs.(already available)

    Ways 1 and 2 are supported by freescale and other AppNotes.

    What do you suggest for teensy 3.1?
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