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Thread: Audio library - multichannel reading onboard ADCs possible?

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    Audio library - multichannel reading onboard ADCs possible?

    Hello Paul & other geniuses!
    First: Paul, thank you for your work with the Teensy 3.0/3.1 and the audioboard.. I've ordered 2 pairs via ( they are selling the audioboard since yesterday). This is the stuff I've been wating for years!

    I'm designing a big system, using severable Teensys, and investigating the line up right now..
    One module I'm building needs to read 6 channels of ADC, for controlling purposes..
    Reading in the audio library and in the examples, I got the impression that this wont work with the audio library because it would require different DMA channels for every input, and the audio library uses 1 DMA channel for ADC... However, there is an interrupt on completion of the ADC, one could flip ADC channel there I guess..
    So ..Is it possible to open different channels of ADC simultaneously in the library?
    ( I know it can be done in loop() by hand, but I'd be more elegant to include control streams in de audio system itself..)

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