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Thread: New project - feasable?

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    New project - feasable?

    Hello everybody.
    I have had long embedded experience, mostly with 8051, but none with Arm.
    Would this be possible with Teensy 3.1?
    The project will be a camera with software to identify the game animal specie, and do some action (like darting for injections) based on species.
    Therefore pan and tilt outputs would be required, but can be from a seperate microcontroller on a link like UART or SPI.
    The camera module could be OV7670 or similar. These all have at least an 8-bit bus and possibly six extra control lines.
    It would be nice if photos could be stored on SD cards, in order to check the functioning.
    The hardware boot I understand, but what about debugging? I am used to the Jtag on 8051. Is similar possible with Teensy 3.1?
    I would not like to start the project and find that it is not feasable.
    Would the GCC toolchain be feasable for use with Teensy 3.1?
    The OpenCV or SimpleCV library will be a great help, but they use Python. Can Micropython be run in Teensy?
    Any advice greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    South Africa
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