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Thread: Peizo Microphone => Audio Adaptor/Teensy3.1 =>FTT to LED and Audio out to speaker.

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    Peizo Microphone => Audio Adaptor/Teensy3.1 =>FTT to LED and Audio out to speaker.

    As the title suggests, I would like to hook up a Piezo Microphone to the audio adaptor board and Teensy 3.1. First question would I need to amplify the signal from the Piezo Microphone before it goes to the audio adaptor analog input? If so, any suggestion/help? Looks like I should be able to figure out the FFT software piece and then just trigger a digital out for a LED with a current limiting resistor if a frequency level is met. Then I want to take the signal and output it to a speaker. Will the audio out push a 1 in. speaker or will I need to amplify the signal again? Or would better design be to have an amp connected between the Microphone and the speaker and somehow tap the signal with the audio/teensy unit?
    Thank you.

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    The audio adapter has a mic input, you just need a piezo element. There are hardware gain setting that can go up to 40db. There is a line out on the adapter that can drive an amp, be careful in using the headphone output as it uses a different ground reference and has dc on its outputs. I have been using the TPA2016 from Adafruit as an amp.

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