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Thread: "USB: Don't Speak unless Spoken to" T-Shirt on Teespring

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    "USB: Don't Speak unless Spoken to" T-Shirt on Teespring

    Since Teensy's are used for so many great USB projects, I thought some of you may be interested! Only one day left.

    Visit the campaign:

    Each USB device on the bus has an unique address 0-127(7 bits). Every transaction includes a token packet which carries the address bits. Only the device configured for that address should listen or respond to the transaction. This maintains a collision free bus.

    When the host is transmitting a packet of data, it is sent to every device connected to an enabled port. It travels downwards via each hub in the chain which resynchronises the data transitions as it relays it. Only one device, the addressed one, actually accepts the data. (The others all receive it but the address is wrong for them.) - via USB Made Simple
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