Hello ,

I am looking to use Teensy 3.2 with the ADC to acquire data, to then run some signal processing. I read the thread, and trid to find relevant information with the search engine, but I failed.

I need accurate sample timing, as for any signal processing data, and from what I read in the thread, it means using PDB. For this there are some good examples for this nice libraries.
Ideally, a DMA memory transfer would be nice to have.

I found an example with the DMA + ring buffer, but I didn't find examples with DMA+ring buffer + ADC triggered using PDB.
Does any of you do have such an example?

I did not fully understood how the ADC was trigerred in the DMA example . Free running ADC, and DMA stores as soon as a sample is available? Is this correct?

Thanks a lot, and thanks to PEDVIDE for his awsome work.