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Thread: Teensy 3.1 ADC LayOut

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    Teensy 3.1: ADC PINS / 16-Bits mode

    Hi there,

    Maybe a dumb question, i've been watching this pin layout from the Teensy 3.1 (see link)
    In the datasheet of the processor are the pins located on pin 9 and 10 (PGA0_DM/ADC0_DM0/ADC1_DM3 (9) and PGA1_DP/ADC1_DP0/ADC0_DP3 (10)), but what are the pins on the Teensy 3.1 Board? It confuses me a little bit, haha.

    I ordered my Teensy 3.1 a few days ago. But i'm already busy with creating a custom pcb. But have no clue what the correct pins are.

    i want to convert two signals at the same time on two 16-bits channels. So, what are the two pins that i need?

    kind regards,

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