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Thread: Is my teensy dead?

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    Is my teensy dead?

    Hey Everyone,
    I got my new teensy 3.1 yesterday. I put blink code yesterday and it was working. However this evening I tried to upload a new code however when I plugged the cable to pc. Nothing happened on pc. Also I looked to my teensy and its light is not lighting up. I changed the cable, changed the computer but same result.I cannot see in the Serial port(which is under Tools Section). I pressed down reset button but no good

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    Bump. Anyone?

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    If it does not register on the PC at all the likelihood is that it has died. If you connect either USB or GND and +5V and cannot measure 3.3V on either of the two pins marked '3.3V' on the Teensy 3.1 then it is definitely broken.

    If you sincerely cannot think of a possible cause for its failure then the probable thing is electrostatic discharge - If this is the case then I wish I could have advised you before you first handled your Teensy; If you can touch something at (awfully close to at least) 'Earth' potential (case of PC connected to mains using three pin standard IEC connector, 'shield' part of USB plug at Teensy end, etc etc) before you touch anywhere else on an exposed circuit board you minimise the risk of

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