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Thread: Cross Compiling for Teensy - Kinda - Scenario Help

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    Cross Compiling for Teensy - Kinda - Scenario Help

    Greets all!!
    I am a little slow on some things and it took awhile for me to have a light bulb blow up over my head.

    On a project I am working on, my Teensy 3.1 is the nerve-center of most of the hardware control. The display and input are handled by a Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v, but the rest is all Teensy 3.1. I am also using a Raspberry Pi to communicate with the Teensy via serial to get sensor readings, project status, and feed all that to a MYSQL database. Under normal operation, I have the Teensy connected to a 3a 7 port hub that is connected to the RPi, just for power. I totally forgot that it might be recognized by the RPi, and sure enough, 'lsusb' at a terminal CLI confirmed that the Teensy was there (Bus 001 Device 005: ID 16c0:0483 VOTI Teensyduino Serial). HEY! I have OPTIONS HERE!!

    So now I am trying to figure out how I can program the Teensy from the RPi running Raspbian with code I compile on my Windows 7 laptop. The RPi is connected to my wireless network via the EDIMAX dongle (Edimax Technology Co., Ltd EW-7811Un 802.11n Wireless Adapter [Realtek RTL8188CUS]) and is CLI only with no GUI. I imagine I can compile the program on my laptop, upload it to a directory on the RPi, and run something from the command line.

    Has anyone done this and if so could you steer me to a walk through / tutorial? Later on, I might explore programming the Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v from the Teensy 3.1, which would be weird because it would then be... Raspberry Pi >> Teensy 3.1 >> Arduino Pro Mini.

    Of course, the idea is that I can program all the subsystems with updates with one singular wireless connection.

    Thank you for your time!!!

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    Hi as long you just want upload the hexfile (colpiled on laptop) from you raspi to teensy, downnload the teensy_loader commandline mentieoned in

    Use the -r (reboot) option and manual reset your teensy by pushing the reset button (it took me a lot time to find it out).
    More diddicult would be to crosscompile on raspberry. The provided toolchain is buggy, I do compile on ubuntu to a shared drive on raspi, where I can upload the hex file.

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