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Thread: Capturing 8 bit data on 10 mhz square wave

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    Capturing 8 bit data on 10 mhz square wave

    hello friends,
    i am doing a project in which i have to sample 8 bit parallel data on positive edge of 10 mhz clk.i used attachinterrupt() function on the clk pin,but i am unable to capture the every clk is working with frequency less than 1 mhz. can anyone give me few pointers?

    Thanks & Regards,
    abhilash v

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    Yes: this is not possible without external additional Hardware like RAM.
    We have 48MHz F_BUS, so only 4 cycles to capture the data at 10MHz.

    The easiest is, to buy a cheap logic analysator :-)

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    You might be able to keep up with 10 MHz using a tightly coded loop that polls the input pin, reads an 8 bit GPIO register and writes to a buffer. Maybe. Timing would be very tight, since 10 MHz is only 9 cycles.

    The easy (but expensive) way to build this sort of project involves a FIFO memory chip. Here's one example:

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