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Thread: "maniacbug" RF24 nRF24L01+ lib updated for Teensy 3.x

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    "maniacbug" RF24 nRF24L01+ lib updated for Teensy 3.x

    I've updated a version of maniacbug's RF24 library so all the example sketches compile and run cleanly on Teensy 3.x (and possibly for other ARM targets... tested with Due and works.)

    I know there have been a few versions of this fix floating around, but I needed one I could specifically point customers of my Teensy 3.x carrier board with nRf24L01+ headers to, as I was getting some enquiries about the Teensyduino build errors due to the AVR specific PROGMEM and printf stuff when using the original RF24 lib, so I just cleaned all that stuff up mostly using pre-processor directives. All the example sketches now work equivalently for AVR and Teensy 3.x targets, with the exception of the "pingpair_sleepy" sketch, which still relies on AVR specific sleep mode stuff.

    Anyway, it occurred that perhaps people searching on this forum might find it a useful version as well, so here's the link to the updated library.

    Please don't confuse this with my RFXduino TCP over nRF24L01+ library! That's a completely different library, designed as a way to use nRF24L01+ radios for WiFi. It only runs in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi configured as a TCP gateway router. Although I originally developed the RFX nRf24L01+ boards as a way of supporting and simplifying the hardware side of RFXduino deployment, I've found that some people want to run other software on the boards as well, and the "maniacbug" RF24 is probably the most popular alternative lib. So here it is. :-)

    There's a readme file named "ThisVersion.txt" in the library folder that provides a bit more info on the specific updates in this version.
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    Appears to be good work. I actually started an open source, Arduino-compatible, nRF24L01+ based home automation / wireless experimentation platform not so long ago. Maybe this could be useful for the future. It's GPLv3?

    Can you tell any more details on your implementation of the RFXduino? I am actually playing around
    with a microIP Stack via nRF. Also: are you going to release the source?

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    I would also like to say thanks for getting the library to work!

    FYI - stevech gave a suggestion on my thread:
    to simply do: #define printf Serial.printf

    I forgot Paul added printf to the Teensy print code. So I hacked up your header file and cpp file and this appears to work.


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