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Thread: Library assistance needed for a smartphone/tablet interface to the Teensy 3x

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    The 1Sheeld board is a KickStarter project and also an "open source" project. If the firmware, for the ATMega162 is in a hackable format, we will use the resource heavy Teensy 3.1 to suck all the hardware/software combination of the 1Sheeld into its "ARM blackhole" and through software magic, make the 1Sheeld completely disappear! This should reduce the total system cost by 2/3. <------
    For now, the Teensy 3.x (3.1) now works with the 1Sheeld.

    BTW ... applications.

    Just some of the practical applications that can be easily created using the Teensy 3.x and 1Sheeld.

    1. Sound monitor / email alert.
    Using the DB reading from the tablet's microphone, send an email to the absent homeowner indicating there's a party going on at the homestead.
    You can also use it for a security spy by indicating DB room sound.

    2. PIR / email alert.
    Using a PIR motion sensor on the Teensy 3.x to trigger an email on motion detection.

    3. Ultrasonic snow depth / email alert.
    Use an ultrasonic sensor, on the Teensy 3.x to indication the depth of accumulated snow. Email hourly results to respected parties.

    4. Lux security / email alert.
    Use the tablet to detect light lux intensity in a secure closet or dark space. If the secure space is exposed to light - email an alert.

    5. Remote Keypad / door solenoid driver.

    6. Remote Keypad / for emergency garage door opener/closer.

    7. Remote Keypad / security system on/off control.

    8. Camera / Lux image recorder for security.
    By reading the ambient lux value take an image (picture) with (front/back camera/with or w/o flash) and save to memory.

    9. Emergency pushbutton email alert.
    Using the red APP pushbutton, send emails to everyone that needs to be notified.

    10. Clock / Date Time.
    Without adding a RTC - use the clock from the tablet/smartphone for precise automation on/off control.

    11. Twitter / tweeting
    On logic conditions from the Teensy 3x microcontroller send a tweet to your friends.

    Note: Excessive emails or tweets over the network will be picked up by your friendly ISP (Internet service provider) and they just might
    shut your email/Twitter account down for a period of time. Just use counters and timers to prevent this from occurring. Instead of sending 20 emails in a hour just have it send just one. The ISP providers are on full alert for spammers.

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    Hackers - connecting the Teensy 3.1 to the 1Sheeld without using the Teensy development board.

    Obtain the follow parts:
    Perfboard big enough for Teensy 3.1 and 1Shield.
    Power jack, and 5 V LDO regulator for power to the Teensy 3.1 and 1Shield.

    Elevate the 1Shield on the perfboard using standoffs holes on the 1Shield.
    Install Teensy 3.1 on female headers on perfboard.
    Wire Teensy 3.1 Serial1 Rx1 to 1Sheeld Shield Tx digital pin 1 and
    Wire Teensy 3.1 Serial1 Tx1 to 1Sheeld Shield Rx digital pin 0.
    Cut VUSB track on back of Teensy to prevent power backfeeding. See Teensy card.
    Power both Teensy 3.1 and 1Shield with external 5 VDC and install ground.
    Note: Make sure the 3.3VDC/5 VDC switch is always set for 3.3 VDC on 1Sheeld.
    Note: Make sure the communication switch is always close on 1Sheeld.
    Note: Make sure to patch the 1Shield cpp library file.
    Your are done...

    Note: There are really four connections to the 1Sheeld. Two are for the serial connection to the Teensy 3x serial1 port and two are for the +5VDC and ground connection. You can probably connect it up to the Teensy by just using breadboard jumpers and skip the perfboard.

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    Update ... The 1Sheeld team just added four more app shields that the Teensy 3.1 or Arduino can use. Voice Recognition, Text to Speech, Data Logger and my very favorite serial "Terminal" shield. Also, the Andorid automation app "Tasker" can now automate tasks on the Andorid tablet/smartphone and interface to the digital I/O of the Teensy 3.1/Arduino ... very cool indeed.

    The other day, we were able to pickup a quadcore Android Kitkat tablet at Best Buy for $39.00 for use with the 1Sheeld.

    Note: The 1Sheeld Arduino library (Teensy 3.1 compatible with mods) is extremely large and using just a few shields will deplete the
    Arduino flash resources in a short time. Using the Teensy 3.1 provides the needed ample resources for just about any user application has in mind to construct. In our PIR motion/sound email security application, we used 7 app shields and 42k of flash.
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    Teensy 3.2 plus 1Sheeld 5 years later

    Hi, This thread has been dead for 5 years but I could use some expertise on this subject. I have a 1sheeld+ interface board that I am trying to use to make a voice-to-keyboard HID USB device for a non-PC (personal computer) product. I have 4 microcontroller boards (Teensy 2.0, Teensy 3.2, Arduino Due and Leonardo.)
    I have gotten the Due and Leonardo voice-to-keyboard to work with 1sheeld and the interface works on my Win10 PC. But the non-PC device does not recognize the the Due/Leonardo as usable USB devices. On the other hand, the non-PC device recognizes the Teensy 2 and 3.2 as a USB HID keyboard and simple programs sending out keystrokes work fine. But I can't seem to make the 1sheeld and Teensies work together. (To simplify the discussion, I will only discuss the Teensy 3.2 from here out.)

    I am using Arduino IDE 1.8.8 and 1Sheeld+ library 1.14.

    I wired the Teensy 3.2 to a protoshield as described above (USB +5V power, GND, Teensy RX1 to 1Sheeld TX, Teensy TX1 to 1Sheeld RX). 1Sheeld is set for 3.3V. I made the two "defined(CORE_TEENSY)" inserts into the 1sheeld library main code.

    The 1Sheeld comes up correctly, the correct LEDs blink, and can link to the cell phone app. But the Teensy does not communicate in either direction with the app. I know the Teensy is running because I flash the LED each time thru the Arduino loop.

    I guess my question is, now 5 years later and at Arduino 1.8.8, do I have to make other alterations to the library code to make this work with the Teensy 3.2? I have the feeling the uart selection is probably at the heart of the issue, but I am not sure where I can alter/check this.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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