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Thread: quick question: Teensyduino/OctoWS2811 and Cat 6; What's the max recomended length

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    as far as the long CAT6 question goes, the answer is I can confirm 30 foot runs works. I know it's been a while, but I have a setup that uses 2 OctoWS2811/Teensy 3.2 boards with 16 channels punched down into an Ethernet patch panel. I have 2 sets of Ethernet cables I use to send power and data to my LEDs one set is 10 feet long and the other set is 30 ft long. My most recent installation was at a local music an art festival and I got to hang it on a giant tower with a birds nest at the top. The 30 ft cables seem to work just as well as the 10 ft cables, and I have not noticed anything significant in my application.

    Here are a few photos of my setup.
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    I am still looking for some advice on syncing my 2 Octo/Teensy boards, but if you feel compelled to answer please do not reply here, just answer/contribute ideas in my other thread.
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