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Thread: JTAG/SWD Debugging for the Teensy

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    JTAG/SWD Debugging for the Teensy

    I see that this wish has been posted by others too, so I would like to add to it:
    Why not enabling JTAG/SWD debugging for the Teensy?
    There would be space for holes in the layout to populate by the user a standard JTAG/SWD header (2x5, e.g.
    Plus if necessary some cut traces to the MINI54TAN.

    As I did not wanted to wait for such an extension, I did it myself with soldering wires and cutting traces:
    and with this I can do SWD (or JTAG with two extra wires) debugging :-)

    Thanks for consideration!

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    And the document ends with a very good suggestion on having an SWD/JTAG connection site on future Teensy boards.

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    While I perfectly agree to and support the idea of having access to SWD/JTAG, during the last few days, another debug option arose, that can be implemented only in software. See this thread:

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