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Thread: DmxReceiver and Enttec ODE

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    DmxReceiver and Enttec ODE


    I my code has been successfully running using the great DmxReceiver.h library.
    I supplied a DMX signal with the Enttec USB PRO interface. The dmx controlled LEDs faded nice and steady.

    Now i am trying the same code on the same teensy 3.1 with a DMX signal that is supplied from an Enttec ODE (Artnet) device.
    The LEDs flicker.

    I read somewhere that the ODE device sends a DMX signal at 44.2 hz,
    Is it possible that the DmxReceiver library can't handle such a signal.
    Or maybe the library does not conform to the DMX standards stated here:


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    just downloaded this newer version and it seems to have removed the flicker.


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