I just noticed that teensy 3.1 supports I2C speed till 2.4 mhz.
This could be a great solution for my project but i'm wondering if it will work.

Let's say: i have 5 different pcbs equipped with teensy 3.1 and I want to link them in a daisy chain with I2C running at 2.4 mhz.

The distance between the first and the last board is approxximately 2 meters.

Lets say that the first board has got an ethernet module to send osc data to a computer.
The second and third board will constantly poll the distance value from 12 hcsr04 ultrasonic range finders (each board) and the 4th board is an led controller to run 678 rgb leds (dmx controlled over osc)

Will the system work without latency?

Will I2C hang or become unstable like i experienced in another thread?

Do i need to use cat5 cables between the boards?

What pullup resistors should i use?

(I don't have an oscilloscope; that's why i ask.)

Any experiences?