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Thread: Audio GUI comments and file organization

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    Audio GUI comments and file organization

    I have some suggestions about the code the "Audio System Design Tool for Teensy Audio Library" generates.

    1. Include the URL of the GUI tool in a comment in the exported code. This will help people reuse code; it will be especially helpful to people who don't recognize
      // GUItool: begin automatically generated code
    2. Standardize on one single name for the GUI tool, preferably something more specific to the Audio Library than "GUItool". The web page has the full name "Audio System Design Tool for Teensy Audio Library" and the code comments the completely generic "GUItool" name.
    3. Modify the import parser to ignore what it doesn't understand rather than rejecting with a syntax error.
    4. Allow importing a file into the GUI via uploading a file.
    5. Make the URL in the generated file not only visit the GUI, but also prompt to upload the file named in the link. The user could supply the path either by picking it in a file dialog or by following instructions to add it to the URL.
    6. Document where the source for the GUI tool is if it's open source. Apologies if it was under my nose and I missed it.

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    Those all look like useful suggestions to me. On 6), the answer is

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