I happened to be in the Cambridge, Massachusetts MicroCenter today, and I noticed that they now stock Teensy 2.0, 2.0++, and 3.1's. It is listed on the national website as well. So if you live near a MicroCenter, it gives you another option over mail order. It may be they have had them before, but the local MicroCenter, recently reorganized the microprocessor session, and hung all of the products up on the wall (previously for the less popular brands, they just tossed them on the bottom shelf, and you would have to know what to look for).

In the Massachusetts area, the You-do-it store in Needham, MA (exit 19, on route 128/I-95), has been selling Teensy 3.1's for some time. I don't recall them selling the 2.0 or 2.0++. Unlike MicroCenter, You-do-it has sold the Octo WS2811 and the Audio adapter shields from PJRC.com, as well as the SmartMatrix shield from pixelmatrix. You-do-it also sells more of the interesting stuff (IMHO) for the hobbyist electronics buff than MicroCenter does, from motors, to neopixels to various sensors. However, You-do-it isn't open on Sundays, except for the Christmas season.

In terms of the two, I would characterize You-do-it as being two stores: the first floor of You-do-it is more about the components, wires, etc. (what Radio Shack used to do), and the second store sells AV gear and DJ equipment (I really can't judge the quality of the 2nd floor, since I haven't bought any of that stuff in a long while). They don't sell computers, just components, etc. On the other hand, MicroCenter is pretty much a computer store that sells electronics stuff on the side. So in terms of shelf space, You-do-it has more Arduino type stuff than Pi type stuff, while MicroCenter has a bigger Pi section, and smaller Arduino section.