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Thread: Fast color display >= 128 by 128 pixel compatible with Teensy 3.1 software

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    Fast color display >= 128 by 128 pixel compatible with Teensy 3.1 software

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a display (e.g., OLED) that has software for Teensy 3.1.
    I have found the Freetronics 128x128 which appears to have a Teensy 3.1 library per Paul's past posts.



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    Most of the adafruit OLED screens can be run on the teensy. Remember most of the code for arduino can run on teensy 3.1 (not all.)

    Google whatever controller you pick, "+ Teensy 3.X" or "3.1" or "3" remembering that the 3.1 came out after the 3, so some threads will just say "3" because they're from before the 3.1 existed.

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    I've used other versions of the dig-ole OLED screens, so I imagine this 1.8" 160x128 color OLED should work as well: There is an Arduino library, that you need to make a few minor modifications to work on Teensy. The monitor can be driven via a UART line (which I've used), I2c, or SPI. If you are using UART, you have to change the examples from using Serial to Serial1 (or Serial2/Serial3, depending on which UART you are using).

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