Hi everyone,

I have been searching around for a board that would allow me to implement a small project I call "CP/M on a stick", where I plan to migrate my Z80-CP/M emulation inside a USB based little board.
Seeing that the Teensy 3.1 has a very nice processor and 64K of RAM made me choose it for a test. So I ordered a couple (always order spares).
I did not even receive my "Teensies" yet, but I already have a few questions, which maybe someone can help.

1. Can it be programmed only with Arduino IDE? If not, can it be programmed with the regular AVR Studio 6?
2. Does it have any means of debugging when using the Arduino IDE?
3. Does the USB port on the Teensy become a "uart/COM port" I can turn into the "console" for the emulated CP/M "computer"? Connecting to it using "putty" for example?
4. As I plan to be doing emulation, performance is a must. Is the Arduino IDE in any way an impact on performance?

To be honest I have not had any experience with Arduinos so far, but I have written a lot of code for XMegas and AVR32 boards using the AVR Studio, so I would prefer to use it as the IDE to use with the Teensy.

So, if anyone can share some insight around this area I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot,
Marcelo "Mockba" Dantas.