Hi again.. Well, on the same path as before PID/VID to find out the HUB was the issue. Further research found that it is possible the hub being from around the year 2005 or before. So I will look for a hub that is MTL.

Now the question. The OS is Whitebox Linux 4.0 I have located an old version and found that the Teensy 3.0 works find as a mouse (buttons).
I'm trying to use mouse positioning. Taking the touchscreen from serial to USB via the mouse position.

It works, still trying to figure out the sreen resolution on the workstation but I can work that out.
The issue is if I move the pointer on the screen to another position, the touchscreen goes out of wack. The range of the mouse from the the touchscreen changes and the absolute left/right top/bottom changes.

I'm thinking the OS in the workstation does not support screen pixels positioning.

I have another one, but not at work, will post it if this can be fix.

I will hook up my buttons again abd do the movement to left right and move the pointer. If I recall, when I position the vertical position with the program setting of Y permanent and use buttons in x for extreme left to right,
it will not move the mouse to correct Y.