Hi everyone.
I'm having some trouble using IR switch E18-D80NK with teensy.
I made a lighting system for my home stairs, using WS2812, 3 each step, and using 2 IR switches (one in the bottom step and one in the top step). the goal is: step on the bottom step>switch on sequencially step-by-step the stair to the top, wait some time then switch off same way. Same thing, but other way, after stepping on the top step.
Now I've some problem: going upstair everything works fine. Well, honestly everything works fine even going downstair, but...now everytime I switch on a light in my home (it happened sometimes even switching on the TV...), the stair lights downway.... (by the way, sometimes it happens even with the bottom sensor, but it happens once a day, more or less, not every time I switch on some light)
Initially, i thought it was a problem with my wiring: the upper sensor cable run through all the electric boxes spread in my house, before get the teensy input (teensy is installed behind the lower sensor)....So I thought this reason it gets every electromagnetic interferences occurring when switching a light on (I use bot switches and relays). So I tried by placing a new sensor cable running inside the stair structure (avoiding every electric wire), but I got the same problem...
So I tried some tests. I disconnected the upper sensor just leaving the cable, switch on a light, and I got the same resoult. Then I disconnected the cable from teensy input, and this time nothing happened. Then I connected a separate wire to the input, and I got the problem again. It acts such an....antenna. I tried then with a shielded wire (like the ones used for TV): with no connection to the home ground, I got the same problem. Then I connected the shield to the home ground, and this was even worst: it works like the sensor is continuously activated....
I don't know what else do to fix the problem.....
Anyone can help me, please? (I hope I've been clear to describe the situation...)