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Thread: Wii Nuncuck - Convert to USB - Replace Analog Stick - Add 5 buttons

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    Wii Nuncuck - Convert to USB - Replace Analog Stick - Add 5 buttons

    Left Hand Analog Stick Controller

    I want to mod a Wii Nunchuck to be a USB controller with a clickable analog stick, 3-way accelerometer and 7 buttons to use with my left hand in PC games. Crude drawing of what I want to build:


    I will need to make 3 mods to create my project:

    1) Convert a Nunchuck into USB controller retaining its 3-way accelerometer and all buttons.
    2) Rip out current Analog Stick and replace with clickable Analog Stick.
    3) Add 5 tactile buttons.

    Components I have

    Teensy 3.1 Board
    USB Cable
    Official Wii Nunchuch
    Thin Wire
    Clickable Analog Stick:
    Tactile Buttons:

    Tools I have

    Soldering Iron
    Glue Gun
    Screw Drivers


    I know this is possible, but I have no idea what I am doing, or if I have enough components or the right tools. Can anyone please give me advice or link me to some tutorials that will help me with any the 3 mods I want to do? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks for reading.
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    My understanding of the Wii Nunchuck is it communicates with I2C. I haven't personally used one, but here's a couple threads where people talked about connecting them to Teensy:

    I'd image this project would be best to do as 3 sub-projects.

    1 - get the nunchuck working with Teensy, so you can see its data printed to the arduino serial monitor.
    2 - add code to send joystick stuff when the nunchuck changes.
    3 - add the extra buttons, and have them send more joystick stuff.

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    Hey thanks for the help. I have a lot of reading to do. If I am perfectly honest I am way over my head. I don't understand half of what I am reading. So I am going to take it 1 step at a time. 1st I would like to follow this guide:

    I don't have a breadboard yet. But when I do would anyone be willing to help an newbie understand the guide? The part I am unsure about is "Step 3: Prototyping on Breadboard" because he has no clear picture of what wires have been put where.

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