Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of developing a number of digital modems for Ham Radio use; two of them will be based around the Teensy 3.1/Audio Adaptor hardware combination if it turns out to be a feasible hardware configuration. The other modems will be fully software based, and the critical requirement for one of them is that the hardware (firmware) implementation works in exactly the same way is one that my co-developer and I agreed to from the start of development. The other has the same requirement, but that is based on it being a hardware implementation of a MIL-STD (Military Standard) and a personal desire for proper interoperability.

I know, from looking at the Audio Library web page, that the potential exists for the hardware to be able to do what I need; my main need is in assistance fine tuning things so I'm not getting more than I need to have to make this work.

Matthew Pitts