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Thread: Out of memory errors with latest PlatformIO

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    Out of memory errors with latest PlatformIO

    Hi guys,

    I've been using Platform IO with VSCode for awhile. I recently opened up an unchanged codebase and PIO auto-updated. Although this code base worked perfectly fine previously, it is now compiling with significantly higher DATA memory usage (to the point where it's out of memory after upload). I changed nothing in the code and have the following build flags set.


    Did something change with the way PIO minifies code on the latest version?

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    Since PlatformIO uses its own build system, I’d rather open the issue with them. Be sure to add your full code base and the reported memory sizes after compiling with the old and with the new build system, so that Mr Kravets might reproduce the problem.

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    Maybe bring your code into Arduino and see how the results compare?

    Also, I'll quickly mention "TEENSY_OPT_SMALLEST_CODE" looks unfamiliar. Maybe that's something PlatformIO added? Normally to optimize for smallest code, the flags are "-Os --specs=nano.specs".

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