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Thread: Accessing Comparator Hangs Serial on Teensy 3.1

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    Accessing Comparator Hangs Serial on Teensy 3.1

    I am trying to use the comparator on Teensy3.1. I am talking to Teensy over USBSerial. If I do any accesses to the comparator, Serial will not initiate, even if the comparator code is after the Serial.begin(9600).

    The program works fine, and then if I add the line:

    uint8_t testVar;
    serial will not initiate. Any ideas? I have additional comparator code which also hangs the system, but even this minimal read does it.

    Thanks much,


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    Almost everything in the chip defaults to powered down. If you try to use something without first turning it on, you get a hard fault.

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    Thanks. I had noticed this post before but couldn't find it again.

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