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Thread: Connecting 2 teensy 3.1 by bluetooth

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    Connecting 2 teensy 3.1 by bluetooth

    I am going to develop a new project and i am thinking about connecting 2 teensy by bluetooth.

    1) First teensy 3.1 + receiver bluetooth in PC USB
    2) Second teensy 3.1 + transmitter bluetooth in another place.

    And send/receive data packages by bluetooth. For example, with a button connected to second teensy, and if i push the button, send packages (0 or 1) to first teensy. And this teensy send to my PC Program the value 0 or 1.

    I would be possible, wouldn't? I think is like connecting to USB-bluetooth of pc.

    Which bluetooth do you recommend me?
    Which battery do you recommend me for second teensy?

    Thanks in advance.

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