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Thread: DMX Receive with Teensy-LC?

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    DMX Receive with Teensy-LC?

    I'm brand new to the teensy, but I've done a lot of work on other microcontroller platforms and have a few questions about getting a project started properly.

    What I want to do for this first little project is design a breakout board with DMX receiving, four high power LED drivers, and a power regulator to provide the Teensy with appropriate voltage from a high voltage supply (5-48VDC). Pretty straightforward stuff, as far as it goes, mostly just for practice getting up to speed on the platform.

    What I'm confused by is the DMX receive library options. I've found these three references:

    I'm leaning towards the TeensyDMX library because it supports RDM, which seems like a nice thing to have the ability to do.

    Unfortunately, I'm not as confident on the electrical connections for that one since there's no documentation or example, but I'm hoping that it's simply pins 0 and 1 for RX and TX, although I don't know where the defaults are to connect the receive and transmit enable pins in that library. I can probably figure that out on my own, though if anyone has actually gotten the TeensyDMX library working I'd love to hear the details.

    What I'm confused by presently is that while the libraries compile targeting the Teensy 3.1, they do not compile on the Teensy-LC. From the error messages, I suspect that it is because the Teensy-LC doesn't have FIFO buffers on the UART, but I'm wondering if there is a way to get them to work without the FIFO hardware.

    I might build quite a few of these for friends to use as well (my other projects are at, so it would be very nice if I could use the lower cost board. Does anyone know enough about the implementation of these libraries to provide guidance?

    I've attached a schematic of the design so far, mostly copied from other working designs. Probably not super useful in answering my question, but I guess you never know? If anyone finds sections useful, feel free to copy from it, but it's not been tested.
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    10 just updated his library. TeensyLC is now working with it (and Teensyduino >=1.28)

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    This library also supports the Teensy LC:

    For hardware, search the forum for “Backpacks”. I bought a couple of the RS-485 modules, and they work great with all the Teensys. However, the later DMX standards suggest grounded transmitters and isolated receivers. Just something to keep in mind.

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