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Thread: How to set interrupt priority for DmxReceiver

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    How to set interrupt priority for DmxReceiver

    I am using DmxReceiver successfully for a 20 channel DMX dimmer.
    The same Teensy 3.1 is used to do AC Light Dimming but i see flicker once i a while in the lights.
    There is no flicker if i command out all the DMX stuff.
    So, i am guessing the interrupt routine in the DMX library prevents the Teensy from noticing the zero cross interrupt ?

    Pin2 listens to the zero crossing of the AC signal via
    attachInterrupt(zeroCrossPin, zero_crosss_int, RISING);
    when the zero cross interrupt is detected the elapsedMicros timer is set to 0

    every 30 ms i check if the elapsedMicros equals the dimming value/time i want and then set the dimming PIN high.

    i thought maybe setting the interrupt priorities differently would help???
    i know i can set interrupt priorities for interrupt timers but can't find out how to set priotities for interrupt pins.


    here is the code:
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