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Thread: a cost-effective high-performance TFT HMI

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    a cost-effective high-performance TFT HMI

    I think that could be of interest to someone, if you've missed.

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    Have you published the Arduino library to control your display?

    I looked at this tutorial, but I did not see any place to actually download the code.

    The last example code on that page is obviously wrong.

    #indluce nextion.h
    float getValue;
    int value;
    float oldvalue;
    Nextion bar(j0);
    Nextion percent(t0);
    Not only is "include" spelled incorrectly, but the file name not surrounded by quotes or angle brackets. Both would be a syntax error if actually compiled in Arduino!

    The 2 object instances are both of type "Nextion", and have parameters "j0" and "t0". Perhaps those are names defined in "nextion.h", but I suspect this is more syntactically incorrect code that has never actually been used in Arduino.

    I am interested to look at your project, but I really only wish to look at real, working example code. Tutorials with obvious errors do not inspire much confidence....

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    sorry Paul, but I am not the creator and are not affiliated, I just posted the link because I think it can be a good solution to match with the teensy.
    But it seems that even his campaign is not over, we will see when the product will be commercially thing really it offers.
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    A teensy would be perfect for the Nextion displays.
    Memory, serial ports, io etc!

    Paul maybe it might be worth a look now?
    There is a lot of examples now.


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