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Thread: Creating XUSB gamepad device for XInput

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    Creating XUSB gamepad device for XInput

    Is there any way to get the specification for the XUSB standard used for xinput. Most of what I can find is just about using xinput for game developers.

    I am going to attempt to create a report descriptor that mimics an xbox 360 controller hoping that this works.

    Would be nice to fully understand the xinput standard, instead of just hacking something together that works.

    Just so everyone knows. The project is a hid usb controller. It originally used the ps3 layout but them some of the buttons where manipulated to get it to work with games correctly. Which meant changing it to a more xbox 360 like layout. Then I had to add X, Y, Z, Rx, and Ry axes because games would not recognize the controller. Now I have it recognizing in some games but it tends to act incorrectly. Sometimes causing left spinning or constant looking up (right stick) even though its centered. I have concluded that this is an issue with trying to just throw this controller together instead of conforming to xinput standards. I have a feeling that microsoft hides these standards away though.

    I guess I should also mention that one of my theories is that because xinput allows direct access to axis values, that some games are using them directly without polling a min max first. My axes are all set to 8 bits in the report. They are detailed as being 0-255. I am curious to see if the game expects me to use the xbox style 16 bit reports. Which would cause my Rx and Ry values of 127 to be way in up & to the left area. I just don't understand why I am only experiencing this on what would be the right analog stick. I am just rambling at this point though.
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