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Thread: Teensy-LC w/ SD stackable board please help

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    Teensy-LC w/ SD stackable board please help

    Hello everyone!

    I bought a few Teensy-LC's for a few projects along with this the SD adapter sold on the website. Here is the link to the SD adapter I bought.

    I thought I would be able to stack the 2 on-top of each other as pictured a few times on the website.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But after a complete night of no sleep and damaging 1 unit and a SD adapter i have almost given up. I tied using the software serial library to change the ports but that has not been successful. I can get the code uploaded and get a read out from serial monitor.

    "Type any character to start
    Can't access SD card. Do not reformat.
    No card, wrong chip select pin, or SPI problem?
    SD errorCode: 0X1,0XFF"

    I've used 2 different SD card's and also tried the formatting programs suggested on many of the forums. I've been searching and searching for hours.

    Thanks in advance


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    That photo shows the uSD board on a Teensy2. The uSD board will not fit like that on a Teensy3, 3.1 or LC.


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    As per the product page, using the board with T3, which should be using the same pins as for a LC.

    Edit: also check that you are using a Teensy library, not the default Arduino one, though your Teensy install should have got that.
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    I've added extra text to that page, to explain more explicitly that it only mates directly with Teensy 2.0.

    To use it with Teensy LC, you'll need to connect wires, like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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